What happens when you file an insurance claim?



Most people do not think about their homeowners, auto, or personal insurance policies until they need to file a claim. At this point, many customers ask what will happen after their claim has been filed and how long it will take for the claim to be resolved. Below is a brief overview of the process to help you understand what you can expect.

Contacting your agent

It is best to file a claim right away when an incident occurs. Depending on your policy, you might file a claim by calling your agent, dialing a claims hotline, or speaking directly to your agent. If you do not have to call your agent directly to file a claim, you might follow up to get more personalized details about your policy.

Collecting information

While all types of insurance claims vary, it is likely that you will receive calls from your insurance company to gather as much information as possible. For auto insurance accident claims, you and other parties will need to provide a detailed account of the incident before a settlement can be determined.

Settling your claim

Once your insurance company has gotten a clear picture of the reported incident from information you provided, your agent or another representative will contact you to inform you of the settlement. If fault must be determined in your case, the claim may take a longer time frame to resolve.

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